Art. 1 – Organisation

The race “TITANO XCO 2018”, which is part of the UCI international xco mtb calendar (C2), is organized by The Federazione Sammarinese Ciclismo

Address: Via Rancaglia, 22 – 47899 Serravalle – Repubblica San Marino Fax number  0549 900006
E‐mail info@fsc.sm
Web site www.fsc.sm

will organize to San Marino, Strada di Montecchio, Montecchio Park

On the 22/04/2018 an Internationale event for Elite e Junior, called TITANO XCO, class C2 speciality XCO.

The course length is 4000 meters with a difference in height of 208 meters.

In the attached map the following locations are listed: the jury facilities, the doping control, the first aid, the press room, the management organization, showers and the area for washing bicycles.

Art 2 – Kind of race

The race is part of the UCI International calendar in compliance with UCI/FCI rules and it assigns points as in the Annex No. 1.

Art 3 ‐ Participation

The race is part of the UCI International calendar, class C2, for the following categories: (Open Men) Elite Under23‐Junior, (Open Women) Elite‐Under23‐Junior.

Art 4 – Licences checking Headquarters

Entries for Open and Junior must be received by 20/04/2018 at 24:00, cost euro 15

Afterwards riders have to complete the registration on the organizer’s website www.fsc.sm

The race is by invitation, registration can be done through a registration form, in the form of a letter or mail sent by the rider’s society to the organizers, who must receive it not later than 20/04/2018

The organizer agrees to promptly notify the non‐acceptance of enrollment. The formula of silent consent will be considered valid.

The technical meeting with the Commissaire Panel, the Organiziation Delegate and the team managers will be held at 07:00 pm on 21 April 2018 at the Race Segretary.

Art. 5 – Checking licenses, Technical Meeting, starting operations

Departure operations Detailed schedule in the Annex No. 2.
Starting order. Riders shall assemble in the call‐up zone 15 minutes before the start

Art. 6 – Antidoping control

The anti‐doping control will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of UCI, the CONS and the NADO San Marino

Art. 7 – Prizes

The prizes will be paid in agreement with the UCI tables (see please the Annex No.3)

Art. 8 – Technical support

On the course, areas of technical support /supply duly marked and equipped will be available. Access is allowed only to accredited staff (2 passes each 4 riders, single zone) or with identification clothes.

On the course there will be a double box for technical support for the riders near to a cleaning bike site.

Art. 9 – Showers

The showers are located at Centro Tennis to Strada Montecchio, at 100 m from race

Art. 10 – Classification

All riders crossing the finish line after the winner are considered having finished the race and they will be classified as their position on that moment.

The riders who will not finish the race must leave immediately the race course and they are forbidden to cross the finish line; on the final standing they will be marked with DNF (Did Not Finish) and they will not be given any point for the race.

Overlapped riders must finish the lap they are racing and then leaving the circuit by the exit located 200 mt. before the finish line.

They will be classified in the order they left the race, their names will be indicated with the number of times they have been overlapped.

Results will be communicated on Excel Format to UCI, in accordance with their existing regulations.

Art. 11 – Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held after the end of each race. Montecchio, at Centro Tennis

Art. 12 – Medical support

Medical support is provided by 1. doctor and 2. Ambulances.
The closest Hospital with A&E department is located in San Marino, Cailungo at 6,4km

Art.13 – Authorization for micro camera usage

The Organizer, for broadcasting purposes, is allowed to select an available rider and let him wear a micro camera during the race. The name of the chosen rider will be communicated to the Commissaire Panel’s President, raising him from any responsibility.

Art. 14 – Responsibility

No liability of any kind for damage to persons or property resulting from accidents or offenses committed by participants in the events, can in no way lead to head the organization and those who collaborate with the same. Although not covered in this regulation the Commissaire Panel will apply the UCI and FSC regulation in compliance with the Law of the San Marino State.




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